sceye-Race (PC)

Quick, easy, everywhere - sceye-RACE is designed to scan into any application easily and instantly.

Usually a Twain-driver is used to scan into an application - but a lot of applications (like Email or word processing) don't support Twain even if they can handle image data. The major advantage of a sceye - instant scanning - gets rid of this issue.

With sceye-RACE this becomes easy, comfortable and more than that - much faster.

  • When starting sceye-RACE a small window will appear at the lower right-hand corner. Please make sure the sceye is connected and that the lid is open. The window can be minimised with ESC or with the small X - sceye-RACE stays in the background, waiting until it is needed.

  • Switch to the application where the scan is to be inserted.

  • With the hotkey Ctrl+Alt + V a new scan can be requested from sceye-RACE. The scan will be transfered to your application by using the clipboard. If the scan is not inserted automatically it remains on the clipboard anyway. It can usually be inserted by using the menu and pressing Edit / Paste in the target application.

  • With the hotkey Ctr+Alt + B sceye-RACE will appear including a small menu at the left hand side.

  • This menu allows you to define 10 more profiles which can be selected by using the arrow keys and space or enter or by choosing the profile directly through the numeric keypad.

A profile consists of a profile name (of which you may name yourself), scan settings which are shown as a short description below the profile name, as well as one of five profile types which indicate how the scan shall be forwarded.

Profile Types:

  • Image: the scanned document will be transfered over the clipboard as an image.

  • File: the scanned document will be transfered as a file (jpg or tif) through the clipboard.

  • Link: the scanned document will be cached and the path to the file is transfered by the clipboard. This is useful if you want to upload the scan to the web.

  • Printer: the scanned document will be sent directly to the printer and a printer selection dialog will appear.

  • External application: the scanned document will be cached and an external application or a script of your choice is called with the path to the cached document as a parameter. Any further processing can be done this way.

Any profile can be set up to your own needs. Just use right click on your mouse to select "edit profile" from the context menu.

On the left-hand side you can choose your own name for this profile and the description shows details about the current scan settings. The different profile types are located below this.

Within the preview windows you'll now also find the well known sceye-Explorer menu. You can choose all settings such as colour mode, resolution, filter and much more in this menu.

Details about the scan settings are also available here. Scanning - Scan Settings.