sceye-Twain (PC)

By using the standardised TWAIN interface, any application that supports TWAIN can integrate the sceye document camera as a conventional scanner to capture documents.

There are two TWAIN drivers for Windows and one TWAIN driver for Mac available, tailored for sceye.

Standard TWAIN driver (Windows)

When selecting the TWAIN source, this driver is simply called "sceye" (with version number). The driver can be used with or without TWAIN dialogue. In the following of course only the use of the TWAIN dialogue is relevant for operation.

The same settings as in sceye Explorer are also available in the embedded menu of the preview window. Apart from the basic settings (color mode, resolution, filter) you can control here advanced functions such as auto crop, laser and lighting.

There is also a contrast controller below the preview window to adjust the appropriate contrast setting in the live preview fast and easily.

As in the sceye Explorer you can draw a frame right onto the preview image to define a manual crop.

The scan is immediately started with the scan button and the result is redelivered to the calling application.


When selecting the TWAIN source, this driver is called "sceye-Autoscan" (with version number). The driver can only be used when Autoscan is displayed as TWAIN dialogue. Please refer to the chapter "sceye-Autoscan" for closer information about its operation.

Please note: As for sceye-Autoscan a license is required to use sceye via the TWAIN interface.

Apart from the functions known from sceye-Autoscan two special features are availble when you access this driver:

  • Instead of passing the scanned documents into a target folder or via Email, you can send the pages with the button "Twain Transfer" via TWAIN back to the calling application.

  • With the option "Insert barcode" (tab: Options) you can insert a seperating barcode page between the individual documents. These pages don't have to be scanned as with a feeder scanner but are inserted purely virtual during transfer to the calling application. This way the receiving application (if it supports barcode recognition) can recompose single-page or multi-page documents correctly.