sceye-Presenter (PC)

With sceye Presenter, the sceye document camera can easily and comfortably be used as an overhead projector. 

sceye Presenter was conceived as a perfect addition to PowerPoint presentations and allows you to enhance your presentations with spontaneous projected material such as notes, sketches or arbitrary documents. The control of prepared slides and the sceye Presenter is especially comfortable with a remote control (e.g. the Logitec presenter remote control, which is additionally available).

sceye Presenter consists of two sections. With the Control Center you control scanning and the display of arbitrary objects under the sceye camera. An integrated preview window shows what is currently in the visual range of the camera. The respective object is then displayed centered in the presentation window, according to your settings, and can be made visible to your viewers with a projector. The Control Center and presentation window may be moved to different screens.

sceye Presenter is a chargeable additional software. A demo version is automatically installed with the sceye drivers and software. With an easy online licensing it can be upgraded to an unrestricted full version.

The following is an overview of the most important functions of sceye Presenter.

  • Mainview: The sceye Presenter offers two basic modes of operation that you can select here: With a click on Refresh you can manually update the image in the presentation window. sceye Presenter works in this mode like a slide projector that lets you decide when to update. With a click on Autorefresh, however, you cause Presenter to automatically update the image in short intervals.

  • View: With ZoomIn and ZoomOut you can zoom in and out of the image. If the image has been magnified so much that it does not fit into the preview window anymore, you can use the arrow buttons to move the displayed section in any direction. The currently visible section is displayed in the presentation window.

  • Save Screen: Click on this button to scan and save the current image content (full DIN A4 page).

  • View: With a click on Autozoom you switch the intelligent zoom function on and off. Autozoom automatically detects where the object to be displayed is and, according to its size, chooses a suitable zoom level.

  • Laser and light: With a click on these buttons you can switch the positioning laser resp. the camera light on and off. When switched on, the buttons are coloured yellow.

  • Tutorial: As the sceye Explorer the sceye Presenter provides a small built-in tutorial that you can start with a click on this button and that briefly explains the most important controls. Use the arrow buttons at the lower edge of the tutorial window to move back and forth between the tutorial texts. With a click on the button in the upper right corner you can close the window.

Main menu: History

When you change into the menu History, the preview window is replaced with a history window where all saved documents are listed up in their chronological order. Move the mouse pointer to an entry and press the right mouse button to open a context menu with which to rename and delete files.

The following functions are also available:

  • Email: Click on this button to send the whole presentation history via email. The default email program opens with the saved documents as attachment of a new mail.

  • Save Screen: With a click on this button the current image content can be saved.


  • F5 - Refresh

  • plus / minus - zoom in / zoom out

  • Page up / page down - move