Dornstetten- uses sceye at the front desk to improve customer relations and productivity.

The Volksbank Dornstetten eG

As one of the first banks in Germany, the Volksbank in Dornstetten relies on sceye. To improve customer service and introduce paperless processes at the bank counter, the Volksbank Dornstetten eG introduced sceye at the advisory desks at their central and branch offices in 2006. The main focus is capturing any kinds of legitimation documents including ID cards, birth certificate, marriage certificates and so on.

Process improovement at the bank counter.

The Volksbank Dornstetten eG, located in the Black Forest, serves mainly private customers and medium sized businesses. To improve customer advisary services and introduce paperless processes at the bank counter, the Volksbank Dornstetten eG introduced sceye in 2006 at the advisory counters of their main and branch offices.


In the course of process optimisation, the processes at the bank counter were to be simplified and interruptions whilst copying documents during customer service were to be avoided. In doing so, the capturing of documents was to improve processes at teller’s desk and be fast and easy, as well as it being possible to even process ID cards and certificates. Finally, these documents required the ability to be seamlessly routed into the internal Document Management System without further post-processing.


With sceye, basic requirements became available straight away. All documents can be scanned directly at the advisory counter fast and easily, regardless of whether they are stapled pages or ID cards. The fact that within 1-2 seconds the documents are not just captured, however also straightened and cropped, made the decision for choosing sceye even more gratifying.

In order to transfer these electronic documents

straight into the Document Management System, a customised capture mask was created. It allows the bank employee to directly select a predefined document type after capturing a single or multipage document. With the selection of a document type, mandatory and optional fields are offerd for filling in.

With these additional fields, such as customer or account number, the documents can be sent into the DMS system via Email. This guaranties the fast and safe handling of the required paperless processes. With flexibility to capture any kind of document, new processes can be integrated easily at any time.

By the end of 2007, a further four Volks and Reiffeisen banks had implemented this solution in order to meet the requirements of customer-orientated paperless processes at the bank counter.