Bauking AG

Maintanance-free capturing - Bauking relies on sceye daily to digitise transport papers.


Decentralised Receipt Capturing with sceye In the course of gradual moderniasation, Bauking relies on decentralised, case handler based document capturing with sceye and scans offers, delivery notes and invoices on a daily basis.

With 140 locations, Bauking is one of the major market leading companies in selling building materials and wood. Apart from servicing 90,000 professional customers in specialised trade, several million private customers visit the hardware stores of Bauking AG each year. More than 50,000 products are offered in 50 hardware stores with the name “Hagebaumarkt”.


Many different kinds of documents are processed in the course of daily deliveries of goods and invoice checking. The accuracy of their content, as well as further processing of the receipts can only be assessed by the responsible person dealing with the case. A special challenge involves the large variety of single and multipage documents and the handling of mostly worn and dirty papers, such as delivery notes and freight documents.


One of the main advantages of sceye is contact-free capturing of very dirty documents. It's high resistance against dust allows sceye to be used for capturing at the workplace. The high maintenance costs of conventional scanners justifies their use only for centralised document capturing.

Due to this new, decentralised capturing method with sceye, the document runtime was able to be reduced from 3 days to 1 day in comparision with previous centralised processes. Furthermore, work interruptions were avoided because each workplace is equipped with its own sceye and no common periphery has to be shared.

The existing DMS was able to work immediately with sceye via the TWAIN interface without further adaptation. Due to the comfortable Autocrop function and the automatic straightening of papers of any kind, the pages are now also perfectly prepared for further archiving.

The accelerated processes, the chance to save the paper transport to a centralised place, as well as maintenance-free and undisrupted operation were the main reasons for Bauking deciding to change to a decentralised concept with sceye.