Quick Intro


Welcome to a quick intro to sceye and the accompanying software.


    • At the left you have access to the full documentation.
    • Below you'll find an overview about the most important features and settings for sceye
      (valid for all applications)



  • Color mode

    Black & White
    Whenever possible you should scan in black & white. You will get a sharp text result, perfectly prepared for OCR and the file size is very small.
    Often a color scan is preferred. In this case it is recommended to use the text filter (see below) to support a text enhancement in your scan.

  • Resolution

    300 dpi
    The most used resolution is 300 dpi as it allows good OCR results combined with an acceptable file-size.
    400 dpi
    If supported and if file-size is not an issue - the 400 dpi is the best choice. Great in combination with Black&White as the file-size stays low.
    200 dpi
    Still a good resolution when OCR is not needed and it reduces the file-size a lot.
    100 dpi
    More thought of as a thumbnail or overview scan.

  • Auto-Crop


    Intelligent Auto-crop
    (1) The intelligent auto-crop will automatically rotate the page to the right orientation - cuts out the page and will remove black borders around page to achieve a clean and great looking scan result.
    Normal Auto-crop
    (2) If your document has some important information close to the borders (2-3 mm) you should choose this mode. You may get some dark shadows at the edges but the scan is not modified to clean out the border.
    Manual selection
    (3) With a manual selection - any part of the preview image can be selected and scanned without rotation and cropping.
    Auto-crop off
    Here you will get the full scan area - within the laser projection - unchanged.

  • Contrast

    Contrast slider
    Sometimes you like to scan a picture soft and smooth, sometimes you want to force a letter to become fresh and clean. Adjust the contrast slider to get the result you like the most.

  • Filter


    Filter off

    Without a filter the scans are just controlled by the constrast slider. This is a good choice for pictures and graphics - textual content looks kind of blurred.


    Text filter

    The text filter is very fast and very powerfull if the major interest is on the text quality. Images and graphics will get some fragmentation.


    Graphic and Text Filter

    The graphic + text filter will need a little bit more time but it combines a very good text quality with nice and clean images.

  • Scan-Modes

    Most popular - activate autoscan (if supported) and new pages will be detected & scanned automatically as soon as you place them into the scan area.
    Manual scan
    A simple click with your mouse or hit the space bar on your keyboard and a scan can be done instantly.
    Book mode
    This mode (available for A3 devices or above) allows you to scan both pages of an opened book in one shot. Use your fingers to flatten the book pages. Any scanned fingers at the left and right page-side area will be removed from the result.
    Perfect for the big scan-area of an A3 - place multiple rectangular objects within the scanning area and all will be scanned, rotated and cropped separately.
    Choose your own time settings and every x seconds a new scan will be done automatically. Great to scan a book - so you can flip the page i.e. every 5 seconds. Also good to scan the progress of a petri dish in a 1 hour time frame.